Making A

What if you had a switch, like a light switch. When you turned the switch on, instantly your vehicle could go another 70-90 miles on a $70 tank of gas.*

Well, you already have it!

See, by changing the way you drive you might get 20% more miles on that tank of gas and you’ll only add a couple minutes to your commute.

WeDrive65 is a grass roots initiative to build awareness and to motivate people to use the switch - making a difference each time they get behind the wheel.

But the benefits of WeDrive65 go well beyond getting more miles per tank and reducing your fueling expense. From our Nation’s perspective here are a few others:

  • Ordinary citizens will engage, better understanding the energy situation and contributing to the solution.
  • Emissions and their impact on the environment are lessened
  • Dependence on foreign oil is reduced and national security is enhanced
  • Availability of finite natural resources is extended
  • The Nation’s balance of trade is improved
  • The Nation’s economy improves as up to $110 Billion per year is diverted from oil purchases to other uses
  • Driving stress is reduced and traffic safety is improved

WeDrive65 exists to:

  • Describe how substantial mpg improvement can be accomplished.
  • Present compelling benefits that come from better mpg.
  • Motivate people to dramatically improve their mpg and thus realize the benefits.
  • Make a difference by engaging people in the energy situation and solutions.

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*The example above assumes filling a 20 gallon tank, at $3.50 per gallon, in a vehicle that typically gets 20mpg and is conventionally operated. All values, operating patterns and results may vary.